Mascot: a Danish success in Vietnam

Since the opening of own factory in Vietnam in 2008, The Danish workwear company Mascot has grown fast. A 20 percent annually growth rate, is something most companies don’t dare to dream about, but Mascot has realized the dream.

Back in 2008 they planned to employ 650 people in Vietnam in one factory. Today they employ 1,700 people and have had to hire two additional factory buildings.

However Managing Director Thomas Bo Pedersen does not expect the growth to continuer at the same rate.

“We still believe in growth, but at a slightly lower level. As the world looks now, not least in Europe, you have to be cautious. In our sector particularly, producing workwear and having our main market in Europe. Which is why, we wish to leverage the organization, to meet even greater challenges ahead.”

A part of that leverages is the recruitment of a Technical Manager, preferable with a Scandinavian background.

“The Technical manager shall be responsible for the department that produces samples to our customers. That’s why we want an expat. We need one with practical experience to serve our European customers.” 

Mascot is moreover a strong believer in getting the best of “both world”, and the management consist of half and half Vietnamese and expats.

Interested candidates are welcome to contact Thomas Bo Pedersen at 

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