Swedish Man Arrested for Murder in Pattaya

Pattaya Police received a report at 2.00am on Tuesday August 21 that there was a bar fight between two foreigners – Swedish and Kiwi – in front of Arika Lodge in Pattya. A New Zealand man was found at the scene of the incident, badly injured with lots of bloods from being stabbed three times at his neck and back. He was sent to Pattaya Memorial hospital and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Swedish man Andreas Ringvall, 40, and his Thai girlfriend Dao Pholutsa, 26, were arrested and charged with murdering Robert E Hollick, 43, from New Zealand.  A Swedish-Thai couple seemed to be drunk when police arrived at the incident scene.

The cause of the bar fight is still not totally clear as there are two different reports from two sources.

Mual Samat, 34, a taxi motorcyclist, told police that Ringvall had a quarrel with Hollick after Dao played with Hollick’s pet dog inside a bar. Mual said after Ringvall sent his girlfriend back to his room, he returned to the bar and attacked Hollick with a knife, reported The Nation News.

According to Thairath newspaper, however, the witness Ms. Supisara Vechsuwan, 47, the owner of the bar close to where the incident happened, said that Ringvall and his girlfriend Dao had a drink at the bar earlier. Then Hollick walked in with a dog which ran to the couple. Ringvall and Dao were not happy about it, leading to a bad loud argument. Staff at the bar including herself stopped them from a fight. They all split up but later on Ringvall and Dao came back to the bar with a kitchen knife looking for Hollick. When they both saw Hollick walking with the dog near the bar, Ringvall attacked Hollick and stabbed him several times to death, reported Thairath.

From questioning the two suspects by police, Dao who seemed to be drunk still, claimed that she had a drink with her boyfriend at the bar until Hollick turned up with a dog which was running aggressively toward them. Then Ringvall shouted at Hollick who didn’t like it and started attacking her boyfriend first. Her boyfriend had to use the knife to protect himself. Police didn’t find Dao’s statement convincing. However, Ringvall refused to say anything to police.

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