Police Found CCTV Images of Suspected Rapist on Lipe Island

Following the news reported on ScandAsia yesterday about the Finnish tourist raped on Lipe Island, Police in Satun province has found the CCTV images of the suspected rapist walking around the Finnish tourist.  They believe it’s the same guy because the shoes left at the scene of the incident are the same pair of shoes that the suspect was wearing.

Police Colonel Pissanu Atchanpornkul, cheif of the investigation at Satun police force, reveals that the man on the CCTV should be the same man who raped Ms. Miia on 23 August. Police is all around the island now looking for this man. According to the CCTV, the suspected rapist is about 170 cm tall, aged between 20-30 years old. He has black hair but the nationality is still unknown.  Police believe they will find the rapist shortly.

Mr. Charan Chuennaitham, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) at Trang-Satun office, visited Ms. Miia and updated her with the police report.

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