“Kong Olav” for Sale in Myanmar

The Bergen-built vessel MS ‘Kong Olav’ is now for sale on the Internet. The ship original built for the Norwegian “Hurtigrute”, was sold 15 years ago, and planed to be used as a hotel ship and diving platform in Thailand, but none these plans ever reached fruition.

The current owners Andaman Marine, has agreed to sell the vessel, and Norwegian captain Jan-Olav Storli , has taking the task of being a liaison between them and possible parties who are interested in returning the ship back to its origins, reports Bergens Tidende.

For that purpose he has sat up a Facebook group with 640 members until now and a homepage.

According to Jan-Olav Storli  the ship “needs to be refurbished both inside and out after 12 years out of circulation. The technical and safety equipment needs to be checked and upgraded too. The engine has not been run for four years.”

He also said that a full inspection of the NOK 5.2 million-priced ship (about USD 900,000, excluding maintenance, crew, and permits) was carried out a few days ago, but the report has not been received yet.
Captain Storli underlined stressed that MS “Kong Olav” is still in a good shape and the hull is in a good condition, with no underwater leaks.

The advertisement on Finn.no suggests the vessel could easily be used as a conference ship, accommodation, exhibitions, or even for parties. Its also says that Kong Olav looks as it has just been taken out of route last week. Norwegian magazines, Norwegian Announcements and other remains from its time as part of “Hurtigruten” are still left as they were in 1997.

According to BT, some people have already made offers for “Kong Olav”, but none came from Norway. Most of the inquiries were from Sweden, the Netherlands and Abu-Dhabi.

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