Suspected Rapist Lookalike Presents Himself to Police

Following the report on Finnish tourist being raped on Lipe Island last week, 30-year-old local Thai man Narong has presented himself to Police in Satun province on 2 September 2012 because he looks similar to the suspect on CCTV image. After several hours of questioning, police believe that Narong is innocent.

As the CCTV image of the suspected rapist has been spread over the area, Narong decided to present himself to police in Satun province. He works in a motor bike shop in Satun province as well as a tour guide. Police questioned him several hours and believe he’s innocent. However, they took his DNA for further examination.

The manager at the motor bike shop that Narong works with supported that he went to work every day last week.  Narong said that the last time he went to Lipe Island was in May 2012. He also offered his two mobile phones to police to check if there was any call on Lipe last week.

Police kept his information for further investigation and released Narong afterwards. They aim to arrest the real criminal and not to charge someone just to please tourists, reported Thairath newspaper.

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