Saab to set up communication systems between Thailand’s frigates and Gripens

Royal Thai Navy has allocated a budget of THB 3,300 million for Swedish Saab Group to set up an electronic communication systems on the twin frigates “Naresuan -Taksin’ which will allow communication between the frigates and Thailand’s existing JAS-39 Gripen’s ERIEYE airborne early warning and surveillance system.

Early this year the navy has also installed a similar electronic communication system from Sweden on Royal Narubes vessel to connect with the Gripen’s advanced early warning system.

According to Jane’s defense and security news website, as part of the purchase plan of USD 1,100 million, Royal Thai Air Force will receive the second batch of six Gripen fighter aircrafts from Sweden next year, in which they will have another Gripen with Saab 340 airborne early warning system.

In June 2011, Saab group has announced the plan of Royal Thai Navy to upgrade the frigates with the latest generation of combat management and fire control systems, 9LV Mk4 and CEROS 200. As reported, the plan was also for Saab to supply data-link equipment to the ships, which will allow interoperability between naval and airborne units.

Jane’s news also reported that Royal Thai navy also has a plan to purchase two frigates of 2,000 – 3,000 tons with a minimum speed of +25 knots, a missile system and a helipad for a helicopter of 10 tons. The navy has an eye on the ones produced in Korea and Germany.

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