Guide for Norwegian companies doing business in Indonesia

The handbook on how to do business in Indonesia is now updated! Developed by the Indonesia Norway Business Council (INBC) and the Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta, with support from Innovation Norway and INTSOK – Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners, the handbook was first published in 2009.

The intention of the handbook is:
• To give insight into factors that will help investors decide whether they should do business
• To provide necessary information for companies to establish themselves in Indonesia. The goal is to give a fairly comprehensive overview of the factors that are shaping and influencing the Indonesian business climate.

The objective is not to go into too much detail on each of these factors, but rather presenting a short summary of the main issues and supply direct links to information available on the internet. It also recommends other relevant literature that can provide more in-depth knowledge. Many of these resources will also continuously provide up to date information as many of the websites publish annual or quarterly reports.

The handbook has just recently been updated in September this year.

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