Theatre du Pif presents A Doll’s House by Norwegian playwright in Hong Kong

A leading Hong Kong Theatre, Theatre du Pif, will present “A Doll’s House” by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen at Sheung Wan Civic Centre in Hong Kong on 19-21 October 2012.

Directed by Canadian guest director Marjorie Chan, and with an international cast of the highest caliber, Theatre du Pif promises that the play will deliver a powerful experience more than hundred years after the original play’s premiere in 1879.

The famous play centers around the housewife Nora who seems to live in the perfect world with beautiful children, an elegant home, and the adoring husband Thorvald. But hidden beneath the surface is a life of self-deception, lies and delusion. When Nora is forced to face the truth she realizes that her life has to change in a radical way.

Theatre du Pif was founded in Scotland in 1992 by Bonni Chan and Sean Curran. The company moved to Hong Kong in 1995 where it quickly became known for its cross-cultural heritage and self-innovative productions orchestrating movement, text and visual images to achieve an esthetic blend of power and poetry. Like many plays by Theatre du Pif A Doll’s House is also bilingual, running in both English and Cantonese with subtitles in both languages.

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