Norway supports children’s rights in Vietnam

Founded in 2008 by the Ministry of Home Affairs, The Vietnam Association for the Protection of Children’s rights (VAPCR) has a mission to advocate on policies and laws related to children’s needs and rights. Norway supports the work of VAPCR. Children’s rights issue in Vietnam is one of Norway’s top priorities.

Though Vietnam has much progressed in social development over the last 20 years, many children in Vietnam are still denied their most fundamental rights. VAPCR works toward enabling these children to enjoy their rights and to reach their full potential. The association promotes communications, activities, and campaigns aiming to educate the general public on children’s rights. 

Reidar Hjermann, the Norwegian child psychologist and expert in children’s rights, has recently visited Hanoi to share his experiences with VACPR and UNICEF on how to improve the protection of children’s rights.

As Hjermann emphasized that the children own voices need to be heard, children from poor households in Hanoi were arranged to participate and share their ideas and thoughts on how to protect the rights of all children in Vietnam.  He also visited a center for handicapped children in Hanoi, coordinated by VAPCR.

VAPCR is currently making a child friendly version of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as a part of a greater mission to inform both children, their parents and others about children’s fundamental rights under this UN convention. As UNICEF has a long history of cooperation with Vietnam they have been asked to assist the work of VAPCR, and their insight and knowledge about children’s rights in Vietnam is highly appreciated.

Starting as a pilot-project where the book will be distributed to schools in some selected provinces of Vietnam, the final goal is a nationwide campaign where classes about children’s rights will form a part of the mandatory school curriculum. “Improving knowledge and understanding of child abuse and exploitation, and other child protection issues” is a top priority in the work of VAPCR.

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