Norway and France offer defence expertise to Malaysia

Norway and France have offered their sophisticated military technology for Malaysia to further advance its military modernisation programmes, reports the Star Online.

The offers were made during separate meetings between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Norwegian Prime Minister Jen Stoltenberg and French President Francois Hollande on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe Summit.

On his meeting with Stoltenberg, Najib said the Norwegian Prime Minister had offered Malaysia its ship-to-ship missiles.

“Norway has the latest capability to double oil extraction rate and the use of sub-sea technology at a sea depth of 1,000m in oil and gas extraction process and they want to share this with Malaysia,” he said.

According to New Straits Times, the Malaysian leader said that Norway also wished to provide Malaysia with the latest technology in oil and gas drilling.

“The technology is said to be able to double oil extraction rates,” he said, adding that Norway had developed sub-sea oil extraction by using robotic technology without the need to build oil platforms.

As for France, Najib said the French President raised the issue of supplying Rafale jet-fighters and combat helicopters for the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s multirole combat aircraft programme during their discussion.

He said France was also keen to sell more Airbus passenger aircraft to Malaysia.

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