The Rasmus nominated at MTV Asia Awards

Four young guys from Helsinki formed The Rasmus as wild and immature high school friends. Several years and six albums later the band has risen to become one of the world’s hottest names. The Rasmus has already won the Russian 2004 MTV awards prize for Best International Artist, and has been nominated for the Latin American and European Music Awards 2004.
The Rasmus has been performing supporting acts for veteran bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Garbage.
The band is currently busy touring Northern and Latin America. Together The Rasmus and an other Finnish success, HIM with 1 million more records sold, are attempting to gain a grip on the lucrative American markets. HIM has already seen sold out concerts, performing for medium to large audiences, in cities such as Philadelphia and New York. No Finnish band has previously fully succeeded in the highly competitive US market.

The MTV Asia awards will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on 5th February. The event is believed to reach more than 180 million Asian viewers.

This is the first and second MTV Asia Awards nomination for The Rasmus.

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