Thai Alumni going back to Denmark

For Wijittra Keawsamor the time as an exchange student in Denmark has proven to be the first step on her career track. In 1996 Wijittra went on a one year exchange through AFS and ended up studying at Frederecia Gymnasium in Jutland. The exchange expanded over a one year period and during this period Wijittra took the time to learn the Danish language as well as Danish culture.
     Upon returning to Thailand Wijittra started studying for her bachelor in Tourism Management at Rangsit University, during her studies she started working part time at Jysk Rejsebureau’s office in Bangkok, she also had an internship with Jysk Rejsebureau training for one of her courses at the university and she has for many years been teaching Thai to the Danish staff at Jysk Rejsebureau.
     After finishing her BBA in January 2003 she took a traineeship at Sofitel Brussel Tor Son D’or Hotel in Belgium. Through the 6 months she gained extensive knowledge on how a European hotel is managed as well as on how the European employees handle their daily tasks.
     Back in Thailand Wijjitra has been working full time at Jysk Rejsebureau where her knowledge of Danes and the Danish language has come as a big surprise to many of the customers.
     In April 2005 Wijittra will return to Denmark again. She has been offered the opportunity to work for Jysk Rejsebureau in Aarhus, Denmark. This is a chance to learn more Danish as well as learning about the various aspects of daily tasks at Jysk Rejsebureau. The last hurdle that has to be cleared is the visa approval from the Danish Embassy.

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