Arrest warrant against fake doctor

A prosecutor in Sweden has asked the court to issue an arrest warrant against a woman who managed to dupe Danderyds hospital near Stockholm and health care centers in Örebro and elsewhere that she was a certified doctor.
     The woman, who reportedly is born in the Philippines and moved to Sweden in the early 1990’s, is probably hiding in the Philippines.
     She has ‘treated’ over 100 patients just in Örebro and allegedly conducted surgery while at Danderyds hospital. Her fraud was revealed while she served in Valdemarsvik. She used another person’s identity and doctor’s id.
But the fake doctor was not a complete disaster. None of her patients have reported any major maltreatment issues with the red faced authorities.
     Last time Swedish police heard from her was from the Philippines when she told them ‘I will not show up’ when asked to appear at court in Sweden.

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