Shipbuilding in Vietnam Attracts Danish Companies

Several well known Danish companies – including Maersk, Aalborg Industries, Lyngsø Marine and MAN B&W – are already active in Vietnam, and several other companies are showing a strong interest in the potential of the Vietnamese marine sector, which is one of the most important growth sectors in the country.

     “The participating companies will get an excellent opportunity to engage in a direct dialogue with the key decision makers in the shipbuilding and shipping industry as well as government representatives. With this delegation we aim to pave the way for a significant strenghtening of Danish-Vietnamese commercial cooperation,” states the Danish ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen on the website of the Embassy in Hanoi.

     During the visit, the companies will participate in a seminar with the top management of VINASHIN, the government umbrella organisation for the shipbuilding industry. The Danish companies will also visit the major shipyards in Northern Vietnam.

     The Embassy is organizing the trip, and also arranges indvidual contact meetings at the request of the participating companies. The price for participation in the visit is set at DKK 14.000 (plus travel expenses to Vietnam and accommodation).

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