Norway pays repatriation for Thai mother and son

Pimsiri Songngam, 37, and her son, Petchngam, 12, was found dead in their home in Kirkenes, Norway

On 29 August 2016, Pimsiri Songngam and her son Petchngam from Thailand were shot and killed in their home in Kirkenes, Norway. The police have now released the deceased for repatriation, and the costs will be covered through the criminal injuries compensation.

Family and relatives from Thailand have arrived in Kirkenes to bring Pimsiri and Petchngam home and meet with the Norwegian police and authorities with counsel Edel Olsen.

They have also met friends and neighbours of Pimsiri and Petchngam and expressed their gratitude for the care and comfort. As it turns out, the people of Kirkenes have raised money by selling food and drinks to get the mother and son home to Thailand.

Pimisiri Songngam’s Norwegian husband was seriously injured in the incident. Shortly after the murders, he was indicted in the case and moved to the National Hospital in Oslo for treatment. The police have still not been able to interrogate him due to his condition.

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