Danish Day in Hanoi Business Association

In recent years, the Hanoi Business Association has received support from Denmark to strengthen its organization through development of services, membership campaigns, and support to conduct policy dialogue with the authorities. During this period, the HBA has grown from having 80 members to now servicing more than 350 members, and the organization has become a well-known association in Hanoi and other parts of Vietnam.

Hosting a “Danish Day” in Hanoi on June 26, the HBA highlighted some of the opportunities for Vietnamese business to collaborate with Danish enterprises.

Danish ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen stated in his presentation:
     “We are glad to support an organization like HBA because it promotes the views of business towards the authorities, it delivers information, services and a very useful network for its members.”
     Further, his presentation highlighted the areas of economic co-operation between enterprises from the two countries already existing and to be further explored in the future.

HBA was commended for its achievements and its important role as a speaker on behalf of business from Mr. Dang Van Thanh, Vice-chairman of the Budget and Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly.

Dr. Le Dang Doanh also highlighted the important role of organizations such as HBA in bringing Vietnamese enterprises up to international standards in productivity and competitiveness – a demand from the strong globalization trends that we are witnessing – not least in Vietnam in light of the expected accession to the World Trade Organization.

The chairman of HBA, Mr. Phuong Huu Viet, concluded by thanking the speakers, the audience and for the support from Denmark.
     Then, everybody was invited to enjoy the networking opportunities and to improve their knowledge of Denmark right away by tasting a product from Carlsberg who had kindly sponsored the beer.

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