Intenture and Telelogic software seminar

Around 60 Thai software professionals attended the first seminar in Thailand organized by the two Swedish companies Intenture and Telelogic on how to achieve software quality assurance certification, following the world wide standard process CMM. The acronym CMM stands for Capability Maturity Model.
“One important factor for the Indian software industry’s strong and sustained position in the world market is the high level of CMM certifications software companies on the subcontinent have achieved,” said Dr. Somnuk Keretho, Kasetsart University Institute for Innovative Information Technology, at the seminar, which was held at the Landmark past July.
Khun Visoot Luechaichalermsook, Strategic Business Unit Manager at Soft Square Group, a CMM certified Thai software developer, backed up Dr. Somnuk’s academic overview with concrete customer cases and hands on working experience.
The strong turnout at the seminar was an encouraging sign for the organizers, Intenture and Telelogic, whose aim was to inform the industry about the benefit of CMM certification for Thai software companies.
“CMM certification is today as important in the international software industry as is ISO 9000 in general industry. If Thailand’s local software developers want to make it on the export market, I urge them to achieve CMM certification. This is also recognized by Thailand’s Software Park, which is one of the strongest local supporters of CMM certification and instrumental for the emergence of authorized CMM auditors in Thailand,” says Mr. Robert Elm, Managing Director, Intenture.

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