IKEA Singapore popular lunch restaurant

IKEA in Singapore is more crowded than ever, especially around lunchtime on weekdays, despite not being located downtown. The popular restaurant is so packed at noon that IKEA has posted walkie-talkie equipped queue handlers to speed up the process of getting people to the tables.
“It works just fine, a few minutes and you are in, ready to enjoy a plate of Swedish meatballs with boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam or any other of the Nordic delicatessen always on the restaurant’s menu. Round off with real coffee and a mazarin and you feel almost at home again,” the Swedish Bangkok-based journalist Christer Nilsson writes in a shortv report in the magazine of the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, STEP. “Then you are ready to shop a few things for your Bangkok residence. Quite a few furniture items are not that difficult to take along, true to IKEA’s philosophy they come conveniently packed in pieces, which you assemble yourself.”

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