Danish Ambassador Returns to Jakarta

10 days after Denmark closed its embassy in Jakarta on February 11 and pulled out all diplomatic staff, the Danish ambassador to Indonesia has returned to the capitol. According to the Danish Foreign Ministry, his job is now to make sure that the embassy can re-open as soon as possible.

The Foreign Ministry sad it does not wish to guess how soon the embassy in Jakarta will re-open to serve Danes in Indonesia, but until further notice Danes are still advised to stay away from the country unless it is strictly necessary. Trips to the provinces of Aceh in Northern Sumatra, the central part of Sulawesi, and Ambon are completely banned.

Although Denmark pulled out its diplomatic staff due to potential threats against Danes in Indonesia, no aggressive acts against any Dane have been reported.

As soon as the Danish embassy in Jakarta officially re-opens, it will be announced on the official website of Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.um.dk – as well as on ScandAsia.com. Until then, Danes are advised to use the diplomatic services of the Dutch embassy in Jakarta.

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