Satair Buys Singapore-based TPA

The Danish-owned Satair, who is slowly becoming one of the world’s leading distributors of production parts and spare parts for aircrafts, has just opened a strategically crucial door for themselves to the Asian market.

Putting no less than 200 million DKK on the table, Satair has bought the Singapore-based TPA, who also provides and distributes aircraft spares. A purchase which will no doubt boost Satair’s Asian ambitions to become the global leader in aerospace distribution services.
“The acquisition will cement Satair’s position in Asia. For several years, Satair has made an active effort to strengthen its foothold in the Asia/Pacific region driven by the significant growth potential offered by the market. Both Satair and TPA are already well-reputed actors in Asia/Pacific, and the deal gives Satair a unique opportunity to provide the best customer support in the region,” announces Satair in a press-release this week.

Satair’s director, Mr. John Stær, is thrilled about gaining access to new markets through TPA’s market shares.
“TPA fits our business well. They have a lot of services that we do not have, not to mention that they are present in Korea, Japan, and the Middle East, where we are not currently present,” he says.

Satair, which was founded in 1957, has approximately 400 employees worldwide, and they expect the integration of TPA into Satair will take about one year.

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