Greenpeace Prevent Scrapping Of Norwegian Cruise Liner

The Supreme Court of India Friday May 12 accepted a public interest petition from Greenpeace asking the court to stop the entry of ‘Blue Lady’ (formerly the SS Norway), a decommissioned Norwegian cruise liner, into India.
The “Blue Lady” is said to carry 900 tonnes of toxic substances (mainly asbestos).
The ship is en route from Malaysia heading towards Alang, India’s main port for shipbreaking. But environmental watchdog Greenpeace is protesting its entry claiming Alang port is not equipped to handle the toxic substances the ship is carrying.
The Supreme Court has referred the case to a technical committee set up by the government to look into ship breaking in India.
The ship cannot enter Indian waters till the committee gives its recommendations in July.

Not allowed to enter Bangladesh
If the ship isn’t allowed entry into India, it won’t be the first time it has been turned away en route to a scrapyard.
In February the SS Norway was not allowed to enter Bangladesh after the Bangladeshi ship breakers association issued a letter banning any member from purchasing the ship, stating there was an embargo on it placed by Greenpeace.

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