Denmark Opposes EU Sanction On Vietnamese Shoes

Denmark and other five countries including Ireland, Belgium, England, France, and Holland oppose the anti-dumping tariff on Vietnamese leather shoes which is increased on June 02 by the European Commission (EC) from 4.2 percent to a maximum of 16.8 percent, for the next six months.
Meanwhile, well known shoes manufacturing countries like Italy and Portugal support the decision, as cheap imported shoes adversely affect their domestic footwear industry.
Non-governmental organization ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) on June 02 addressed the EC to reconsider this anti-dumping sanction on shoes imported from Vietnam which affects over one million workers in the sector and most of them are the women.
European Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson has stated that the EU was in talks with Vietnam about alternatives of the duties. Such an idea might include quotas limiting the volume of exports for a period before anti-dumping tariffs are applied.

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