Afraid of Rotting Up in Thai Prison Cell

In an exclusive interview with the Danish daily BT on Friday, the arrested Dane Kim Lindegaard Nielsen repeats his denial of many of the accusations against him and his fellow Bandidos gang members. He also shares his fears of having to spend a very long time in his current prison cell in Bangkok before his case will even be heard by the Thai court system.
     “Worst case scenario, we might end up rotting away here for 18 months before our trial even begins,” Kim Lindegaard Nielsen tells BT.
     Kim Lindegaard Nielsen is currently held in a small and lit prison cell with nothing but a mattress and a blanket on the floor. The 43 year old British national Crispin Paton-Smith, who was like the Dane arrested in Pattaya, is kept in the cell next to him. Both of them confirm that they are charged with blackmail against two businessmen on the island of Koh Samui.
     “They have accused us of threatening them from inside these prison walls, and so now we are therefore not even allowed to be released on bail,” the Danish inmate reveals to BT.
     Meanwhile, Thai Police continues their offensive against the Bandidos gang. At a press conference on Thursday, the Police announced that they have found various material, which seems to indicate that Bandidos is currently attempting to build up a network in Southeast Asia. As a result, Thai Police also announced that they will be making even more arrests of the group’s gang members throughout all of Thailand in the days and weeks to come.

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