Danish Soil Recovery Minimizes Effects of Oil and Gas Exploration in Vietnam

Soil Recovery will supply complete treatment packages for recovering expensive oil based mud from drill cuttings and removing oil from industrial solid waste through the Business-to-Business (B2B) program which is granted by the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi.
“With the rapid expansion of oil and gas industry in Vietnam these years, the technology in this sector could be highly valuable commodity and furthermore, essential for preserving the environment in Vietnam and South East Asia” states on a website of the Danish Embassy in Hanoi.
In emerging markets like the Vietnamese, the initial costs connected with the mobilization of equipment and training of local operators can be extremely high. In several cases, this has prevented the establishment of state-of -art waste management centers as the operators within the oil and gas industry have regarded the prices as non-competitive.
“If Soil Recovery can provide the training and technology – the costs of running the abovementioned waste treatment centers will be believed to be competitive. The ambition for the collaboration is therefore, to set up a successful Joint Venture company, which will be able to provide waste treatment solutions for the benefit of companies in the oil industry and above all, the Vietnamese environment.”

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