Swedish-Vietnamese Literatures Exchanged

The Embassy of Sweden to Vietnam on December 08 handed over to the National Library in Hanoi the newly – translated literature books by Swedish authors which are two novels; “April Witch” by Majgull Axelsson, “A Winter in Stockholm” by Agneta Pleijel, and two children books; “Mr Pettson Goes Camping” and “Birthday Cake” by Sven Nordqvist.
Some 6,500 copies of the above-mentioned Swedish literature books will be sent to libraries at the provincial and district levels nationwide.
Vietnamese literature books translated into Swedish are two collections of short stories “When You Are Young” by Phan Thi Vang Anh and “Double Bed in Chua Village” by Doan Le. Moreover, a children book “Diary of a Cricket” by   To Hoai is also included.
“Sweden is proud to cooperate with Vietnam in the 2005-2009 project – Supporting Vietnamese Culture for Sustainable Development,” stated Rolf Bergman, the Ambassador of Sweden in Vietnam, in a speech at the ceremony held at the National Library in Hanoi.
He continued that the project is aimed to create conditions for openness and development towards democracy, including promoting cultural diversity, creativeness and freedom of expression of the Vietnamese artists.
“Thereby Vietnamese people will have more opportunities to enrich their cultural life.” he added.
The project of literature translation is the third time of Sweden supporting activities within the framework of a cultural exchange and cooperation between Sweden and Vietnam.
The cultural exchange program is one of the important areas of the cooperation which aims at building professional links between Swedish and Vietnamese cultural and arts institutions. During the past years, five partnerships have been established within the areas of fine arts, music, film, literature and theatre.

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