BioKube gets Malaysian Partner after Ministerial Delegation’s visit

The Danish company, BioKube A/S has teamed up with a Malaysian company, Water Care, which produces potable water, automats for potable water as well as cup dispensers. The partnership is the first business match that has been announced as a consequence of the visit to Malaysia of the Foreign Minister and the Minister for the Environment less than a month ago.
    “Water Care was interested in getting into our field of biological waste water cleaning”, says Export Manager Mikkel Morville. “And we are interested in getting partners – or family members as we like to call them – all over the world”.
   BioKube chose Water Care for three reasons:
   “They are dealing with water, they a familiar with the local marketing conditions in Malaysia and they are open to our technology”, says Mikkel Morville.

Ministers can open doors
   BioKube had actually met Water Care during an exhibition in Amsterdam last year, but the match was not finalized until the ministerial visit made it possible in January.
    “The fact that two ministers were there to open the doors made us jump at the offer to be a part of the delegation”, says Mikkel Morville.
   As with all their business matches BioKube has invited Water Care to Denmark for a course in the company’s technology. The visit will take place from March 13th in BioKube’s headquarters in Tappernøje. Afterwards, Watercare will return to Malaysia with the know-how of cleaning domestic waste water or waste water from small scale industries such as hotel resorts, small villages and large supermarkets for example.

Water full Asia
Mikkel Morville sees a lot of potential for BioKube in East Asia.
   “It is incredible that countries with that much water do not have the technology to clean it. We are indeed looking towards this part of the world”, says the export manager.
    BioKube usually has one business partner per country, as it will be the case in Malaysia. The company is not present in other Asian countries but is on the lookout for potential partners in all of Asia.
   BioKube was founded three years ago and today it has 25 employees.

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