Finnish Pöyry Services the First Bioethanol Plant in Philippines

Pöyry’s Energy business group from Finland has won the contract worth EUR 10 million to provide services and manage the construction of the first bioethanol plant in Philippines running by San Carlos Bioenergy Inc (SCBI).
The plant is expected to deliver 120 000 l/d of bioethanol and 4 MW of excess power to the grid in November 2008, stated in the company’s press release.
The project involves construction of a complete new plant on a 25-hectare green-field site in the Province of San Carlos on the north-eastern tip of Negros Island, Visayas, Central Islands of the Philippines.
The Philippines are heavily promoting bioethanol as a fuel additive, having passed a Biofuels Act in October 2006. This first plant will allow native agricultural products, in this case sugar cane, to replace up to 5 per cent of the country’s crude oil usage and to supply green electricity locally.

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