Norwegian National Day in Cambodia

According to Elisabeth Gjemmestad, a small congregation of approximately 30 Norwegian, their Khmer friends and family were gathered together on 17 May in Phnom Penh.
The celebration started with a parade where everyone were in the best Norwegian tradition, singing a National hymn, waving Norwegian flags and shouting HURRA, HURRA, HURRA the best they could.
Next on the program was games like “tau trekking”, “sekke hopping” and run with an egg on a spoon, everyone was a winner this day.
Then it was time for entertainment from the Norwegian school children living in Phnom Penh, the program included speech for the day, songs, poems, jokes and questions to the public about Norwegian tales.
“We had by now worked our appetite up and the host had prepared the most delicious food, sausages and more sausages, potatoes, salad, cakes and more cakes, nice drinks to go with this for both children and adults,” says Elisabeth.
“We had a very good time and agreed that this 17. May celebration was a really, really great one.   We all thanks Caroline Rusten and Mogens Laudmand Christensen for a arranging such a wonderful national day.”

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