A Danish Lost a Rare US$522 Bike

A Danish working in the telecommunications industry has lost a US$522 bike on May 24, 2007 when someone broke into the compound of a double-storeyed terrace house in Singapore and stole a US-made mountain bike as reported by his Filipino maid.
Only want to be known as Mr. Morten, the 41-years old Danish has moved to Singapore from Denmark two years ago and has bought the Turner 5 Spot mountain bike from Hup Leong Company about 18 months ago and there were only two such bike in Singapore at that ttime of his purchase.
“The size of the frame and colour of Morten’s bike is rare here, ” Said Mr Gilbert Loo, 35, manager at Hup Leong. Another bicycle shop owner said that Morten’s bicycle parts have high re-sale value and that here is a good re-sale market out there for high-end bikes and their parts.
Mr Morten has visited the ‘Thieves Market’ in Sungei Road three times, hoping to find his bicycle there and has also gone to more than 10 bicycle shops to find out if anyone has tried to sell his bicycle or its parts and has pasted notices at the shops offering a $500 reward for anyone who finds his bike.

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