Denmark Affirms Commitment to Closer Ties

In commemorating the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Vietnam, the Denmark’s ambassador to Vietnam, Peter Hansen, affirmed the commitment to maintain good relations between the two countries on June 5, 2007 which also marked Denmark’s National Day.

Achievements gained from Vietnamese-Danish relations
Through Danish International Development Agency (Danida) support the Danish company, F.L. Smidth, built the first cement factory in Vietnam – Hoang Thach Cement factory, which is considered to be of the highest quality and have since constructed two more factories.
The other is a ferry project in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta where many ferries were built at a Vietnamese shipyard in the Soum to facilitate transport in the Delta.
Vietnam is one of Denmark’s most important development partners and Danish assistance amounts to approximately US$70mil annually and with Denmark’s aid, more than 1.4mil people in rural and urban areas have access to clean water and sanitation, half a million farmers were trained and have improved their incomes, and business associations have been strengthened.
Support to Vietnam’s fish exporters has resulted in an increase in export from $0.55 to $2.7bil in 1995-2006 and training in sustainable development of aquaculture for poor fishermen has led to income increases of 25% annually.
In summary the relationship between Vietnam and Denmark is developing very positively with an increasing number of high level visits, so an excellent foundation has been laid for promising future relationship.

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