Klaus Pagh Marries Young Thai Woman

The famous actor and billionaire Klaus Pagh has marries a Thai woman by the name Nancy. The fact that Klaus Pagh was already 44 years old when Nancy was born, does not worry the retired actor and theater boss.
“Nancy has told me that she wants to take care of me when I get old”, the playboy tells Ekstrabladet. Klaus Pagh has been married three times before – one of his ex-wives is famous Danish actress Sonja Oppenhagen. His appetite for young women has not changed with his own age.
“I am into young, beautiful women and if the young, beautiful women like me, then its perfect”, says Klaus Pagh.
Klaus Pagh and Nancy met a year and a half ago in Thailand through mutual friend. Nancy has a three-year old daughter who has now gained a brother as Klaus Pagh has a three-year old son. The family lives in hellerup, north of Copenhagen

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