Like Norway vs. Others, Indonesia Ban Products

As Norway’s result of banning 924 products from China including unsafe lighters and wobby strollers in the month July besides Iceland, Liechtenstein, and EU, Indonesia’s ban on the import of candies and particular cosmetic products from China, to which China immediately retaliated by imposing a blanket ban on seafood imports from Indonesia has been reported by Jakarta’s newspapers on August 9, 2007.
This means that Indonesia should not hesitate to protect the health of its citizens in the face of such danger. Trade Minister Mari Pangestu and the head of the Food and Drug Monitoring Body, Husniah Rubiana Thamrin, last week issued the warning not to buy contaminated food or products from China which were hazardous.
Although it is not a war in the traditional sense, a kind of war in trade happens when two countries impose a ban on each other’s goods. The scale of the war depends on the number of goods banned.

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