Green Denmark Award Included in the National Junior Robotics Competition

A new award launched recently by the Danish Ambassador to Singapore, Klavs A Holm, called the Green Denmark Award, has been included in this year’s National Junior Robotics Competition held in Singapore. Winners stand to win trophies and prizes from Lego and the Danish Embassy.
“The most important political question for many years to come will be how to fight global warming. Denmark has huge experience in fighting global warming and energy consumption. What we want to do with this competition is to alert the youth and make them find out how they can contribute to fighting global warming,” said the ambassador.
Participants in the competition are required to write a paper on green solutions practised in Denmark that can be transplanted to Singapore and students need to come up with robots that must complete various tasks in an obstacle course.
Bill Lim Tao Xuan, a participant from Rulang Primary School, said: “It (the competition) is good. We can share all of our ideas so that we can (minimise) global warming or climate change.”
“Because we are global citizens, we are also fighting climate change…..a process which everybody has to go through, the Earth has to go through, so we have to slow down the process,” said participant Qi Xuan, from Yishun Town Secondary School.
37 teams from 13 schools are participating in the competition this year.
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