Finnish Play Writer Wrote Oliver Stone’s Latest Vietnam Film

Mikko Alanne, a Finnish screen play writer, has written the script for a new Vietnam film to be directed by Oliver Stone, the Academy Award-winning director of three previous Vietnam film. The new movie, Pinkville written by Mikko Alanne, will follow the investigation into the 1968 My Lai massacre of hundreds of villagers by U.S. troops, one of the most notorious trials in history.
Oliver Stone will be joined by Bruce Willis as Channing Tatum.
 “Channing Tatum will play Hugh Thompson, a helicopter pilot who, upon realizing what was happening below, put a stop to the killing by placing his craft between the gunmen and the few villagers who were left, and telling his two shipmates to fire on the soldiers if they shot any more people. They airlifted the survivors and reported the carnage to superiors,” the magazine Variety reveals.
 Mikko Alanne has graduated from Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications with a degree in film production and sociology. He wrote two screenplays for Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone. He testified about his research into the Los Angeles Rampart Police scandal during the July 2005 Notorious B.I.G. wrongful death trial. Also, Film Voice of Dissent (1997) caused The Los Angeles Times to call for a reopening of the Robert Kennedy assassination case.

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