The Danish Embassy in Vietnam Presents “Denmark at It’s Best”

From November 12-16, 2007 the Embassy of Denmark would like to invite the Vietnamese public to experience a week of events highlighting strongholds of Danish culture and sports as well as state-of-the-art competencies within energy and environment.
“Denmark and Vietnam have enjoyed close cooperation and friendship for many years. Most often the Embassy deals with government representatives and professionals from various organizations and businesses in Vietnam, but we enjoy our contacts to all Vietnamese people. And I think it is time that we make a broad outreach to the general public in Vietnam to tell more about Denmark and the things we Danes are good at,” explains Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen as the background for “Denmark at its best” week.
The Embassy has invited a number of Danish artists, sportsmen, and experts on energy and environment to come to Vietnam and take part in seminars and workshops, so we can share our thoughts, ideas and know how on culture, sports as well as energy and environmental issues with the Vietnamese.

Culture and Sports
It is the first time the Embassy of Denmark presents an event on this scale combining seriousness, fun and culture in Vietnam. It is the hope of the Danish Ambassador that during the week of “Denmark at it’s best” the Vietnamese public will gain a stronger awareness of our strongholds, technologies, values and attitudes through dialogue and exchange of ideas and not least through join activities and public performances.
“I really hope that people in Hanoi, Da Nang, Thai Nguyen, and Haiphong will accept our invitation and join the interesting and fun events we have planned for. The Vietnamese public will experience a week of break dance, modern dance, street badminton, Danish films on VTV6 and a unique Vietnamese modern dance competition. My staff and I look forward to sharing these events with Vietnamese people,” says the Ambassador.

Energy and Environment
On environmental and energy issues the Embassy would like to share Danish experience with Vietnamese experts from government, organizations and business.
With the present high economic growth Vietnam is facing a number of development challenges that have to be addressed in a timely and proper manner – pollution and threats to the environment, climate change as well as ensuring sufficient energy supply and using energy efficiently.
Denmark can offer Vietnam a substantial expertise and knowledge in these areas – not only at government level, but also through private sector capacities, NGOs and public involvement. The Embassy will host a whole day seminar to introduce Danish strongholds on these issues.
“The purpose of the seminar is to introduce “the Danish model” on energy and environmental policy as well as to demonstrate how Danish companies have developed to be world class suppliers of environmental and energy technologies,” explains Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen.
Experts and decision-makers from Vietnamese government agencies, research institutes and companies will be invited to meet Danish counterparts and learn about our expertise on pollution control, solid waste reduction and management, waste water treatment, environmental monitoring, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency/savings. The seminar will provide Vietnamese and Danish participants a chance to meet and make new contacts.
Denmark is already supporting Vietnam in sustainable development through the environment sector programme.
For further information, please contact counsellor Helene Bjerre Jordans, [email protected].

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