Swedish Designers Held Workshop for Thai Designers

Swedish design experts have conducted a seminar and workshop with Thai designers in Bangkok which was organised by the Thai Department for Export Promotion (DEP) and aimed to prepare Thai designers for the international market.
Three experts had been invited in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden to share their experience, each representing the differing perspectives of the designer, the furniture industry, and the Swedish and European market.
Mrs Christina Af Klint informed the designers about trends, culture and demands of the Swedish market. Among other points, she stressed the possibilities that Thai products have in the Swedish market due to the positive image that Swedes have of Thailand. The Swedish market can also be seen as a gateway to the larger, European market with its harmonised trade regulations.
Mr Anders Wisth, from the organisation The Kingdom of Furniture, focused on the importance of a proper design management  process. He explained the benefits of the designer being involved in the whole process of developing and producing new furniture. According to him the road to success leads through a close communication between the designer and producer.
Mrs Gunilla Allard shared her long experience as one of the most prominent furniture designers of Sweden. She showed samples of Swedish furniture design and described own work and her sources of inspiration. Further, she emphasised the need to make the most of your own heritage when designing.
The outcome of the design workshop will be presented at the furniture fair in Bangkok in March 2008. The aim is that it will also be displayed in the Stockholm furniture fair 2009.

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