Swedish Publisher to Take Part in Vietnam International Book Exhibition-Fair

More than 100 domestic and international companies from the US, Russia, Sweden, and ASEAN Publishing Association will take part in this fair and exhibition which will be held at the Vietnam Arts and Culture Exhibition in Hanoi, No. 2, Hoa Lu Street, from October 25-29., the largest of its kind so far in Vietnam.
This event is being held to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the traditional day of the Book Publishing, Printing and Distributing sector and honouring the culture of reading. With 160 stalls on 600sq.m, the International Book Exhibition will display photos, materials and objects showing the birth and the development of the publishing and printing industry of Vietnam in the past 55 years.
Besides rare old books that are preserved at the National Library, Dong Ho painting wood blocks of 100 years old and old Typo printers used during the wars, the exhibition will introduce the first printer of Vietnam, which was made of wood by Nguyen Khac Tu.
Nguyen Dang Che, a famous craftsman of the Dong Ho painting village, will be present at the exhibition to introduce unique Dong Ho paintings to visitors.
At the exhibition, audiences will also see Confucian teachers and calligraphers sitting on bamboo beds ready to present visitors with folk paintings and calligraphic works.
It is possible that Dang Thuy Tram’s Diary will be presented at the stall of the Random House publishing house (the US) with another name, “Last night I dreamed of peace”.
During the fair and exhibition, a number of activities will be held, including exchanges between authors, publishing houses and readers, seminars to introduce new books, and donation of books to people in Truong Sa island district and remote mountainous areas.

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