Thai-Swedish Supermodel Bared All in PETA’s Ad Campaign to Save Elephants

Thai-Swedish supermodel Patrick Ribbsaeter recently bared it all in PETA Asia-Pacific’s latest ad campaign against the cruel treatment of elephants in captivity. Cover in nothing but chains, Patrick appears in one ad with the tagline “Wild Animals Don’t Belong in Chains: Stop Thai Elephant Cruelty” and in another urging the public to boycott zoos.
In Thailand, approximately 3,800 of the country’s estimated 5,000 endangered Asian elephants are privately owned. Most are used as tourist attractions in elephant camps, where they are forced to perform circus tricks and give rides. PETA US has obtained undercover video footage of the horrific torture that is routine in elephant training. Still-nursing baby elephants are dragged from their mothers. Elephants are immobilized, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with nails for days at a time. These ritualized “training” sessions frequently leave elephants badly injured, traumatized, or even dead.
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