Swedish Embassy In Thailand Trying To Find Swedes In Myanmar

The Swedish Embassy in Bangkok hasn’t been in contact with 10 out of 20, who are registered as living in Myanmar. But there can easily be more than those ten Swedes missing. Many Swedish tourist and low budget backpackers travel to Myanmar.
One problem in getting in contact with the Swedes is the lack of electronic communication after the cyclone.
Sweden does not have an embassy in Myanmar, only an honorary consul. According to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it’s difficult to get in touch even with the consulate.
Lennart Linnér, Sweden’s Ambassador to Thailand, confirms according to the news agency TT that the embassy are looking for around 10 Swedish citizens. The embassy has no knowledge of any Swedish people being ill or having been injured.
”There is no reason to be worried or concerned. We will keep looking for these missing people, until everyone have been contacted,” ambassador Lennart Linnér says. Many of the tourist resorts, like Mandalay and Pagan are far away from the area hit by the disaster.

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