Danish, Swedish, And Finnish Films Take Part In EU Festival In Vietnam

Children and young people in Vietnam’s two largest city, Hanio and Ho Chi Min
City will now have the opportunity to to experience the film from Denmark and
Finland, plus works from 7 other EU countries.
    The Finnish film is Pelicanman,
Swedish is Sune’s summer, and the Danish company is the lost Treasure of the
Knights Templar.
EU film festvalen appears first in Hanoi, from 16. May to 22. May, and in Ho
Chi Minh City from 22. May to 30 May 2008.
    Organised by the Delegation
of the European Commission to Vietnam,
the Embassies of EU Member States Embassies and European Cultural Institutes,
in collaboration with the Cinema Department, the annual European Film Festival
is dedicated to showcasing films without violent content that enrich, inspire
and entertain children and teenagers.
“Children of all ages
greatly enjoy cinema — in particular on the big screen — and most also learn
something in the process of being entertained. Whether it is animation, or the
latest star-studded blockbuster, there is always something for kids to watch,
enjoy, and discuss afterwards with their peers. We are proud to introduce this
firework of cinematic diversity to Vietnamese audiences”, said  Sean
Doyle, Ambassador-Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Vietnam.
    Films with Vietnamese
dubbing, are screened at the National Cinema Centre in Hanoi
and the New Galaxy Cinema in Ho Chi
Minh City
. Tickets are free of charge and can be
collected at Goethe Institute, British Council in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City or
L’ Espace in Hanoi and Galaxy Cinema in Ho Chi Minh City.

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