Is the Chef home?

Thailand’s climate and lifestyle really does lend itself to an outdoor barbecue culture. And what better way to enjoy the company of friends and family than to put on your chefs apron and grill up a delicious meal of chicken, seafood a good juicy steak or some tender ribs. 
Thai’s and foreigners alike are embracing the barbecue culture. But where can we get a good quality barbecue here in Thailand? The Barbecue Store has been supplying top quality barbecues in Thailand for over 10 years and has stores in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Samui and Hua Hin where assembly and delivery is all part of the service. In fact delivery anywhere in Thailand can be arranged. Besides a huge range of award winning barbecues in stock, accessories and spares are also available. The products are imported, carry international safety compliances and are warrantied. Their suppliers have dealers in Europe, the UK, Australia and the US. 
In Thailand The Barbecue Store  they have thousands of satisfied customers. Long term resident Mike Schulz has this to say of his barbecue “I was one the Barbeque Store’s first customers and I still often use the grill I bought then. It’s durable, very easy to maintain and the use is easy and rewarding. With all the accessories, you can be creative and do more than just put a steak on the grill”.
So if you’re interested to join the expanding barbecue culture in Thailand check out their website at and get grilling this weekend!

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