Swedish Embassy’s report on Malaysian automotive sector

Having been the largest automotive market in ASEAN for six consecutive years, Malaysia certainly has ample opportunities for Swedish companies in the automotive sector, especially automotive components.
     The Commercial Section of the Embassy of Sweden, Kuala Lumpur has therefore recently produced a report covering the automotive sector in Malaysia. This report can be downloaded in .pdf format from the Embassy’s website, following the link http://www.embassyofswedenmy.org/Documents/AUTOMOTIVE%20IN%20MALAYSIA.pdf.
     The report on the automotive sector is the second produced by the Commercial Section. The first report, on the health sector in Malaysia, has earlier been made available for download via the link http://www.embassyofswedenmy.org/Documents/HEALTHCARE%20IN%20MALAYSIA.pdf.
     The Commercial Section at the Embassy is currently producing a number of more reports on sectors of the Malaysian economy that are of special interest for Swedish companies. The forthcoming reports – on environment technology, IT and the Biotech sector – will soon to be added to the Commercial Affairs part of the embassy homepage, under Business Opportunities in Malaysia <http://www.embassyofswedenmy.org/pages/commercial/business_opportunities.htm>.

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