Transparency And The Important Role Of Media Recognised At The Anti-Corruption Dialogu

service reform is needed as part of Vietnam’s on-going overall public
administration reforms, thus contributing to improving efficiency in fighting
    This is one
of the outcomes of the 3rd Anti-corruption Dialogue, which was held in Hanoi on June 3. The
dialogue is a regular event being organised twice a year by the Government
Inspectorate and the Office of Central Steering Committee on anti-Corruption of
Vietnam in cooperation with
the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi
on behalf of international development partners.
from the Vietnamese Government’s agencies and institutions, involving in
anti-corruption as well as international development partners were present at
the Dialogue which was chaired by the Government Inspector General, Mr Tran Van
Truyen, the Head of the Office of the Central Steering Committee on
Anti-corruption, Mr Vu Tien Chien and the Ambassador of Sweden in Vietnam, Mr
Rolf Bergman.
    In his
opening speech, Ambassador Rolf Bergman stressed that it is important to have a
holistic approach to corruption. He added “It is essential to facilitate the
role of an independent media and the civil society as watchdogs against
corruption. As friends, Sweden
and many other development partners stand ready to continue to support and
cooperate with Vietnam
in creating conditions for improved openness and transparency. We take it that
the Government of Vietnam is as eager as we are to continue this fight to a
successful end.”
donors attending the dialogue shared the Swedish Ambassador’s views and called
on the Government of Vietnam to recognise the role of the media, an important
channel to support anti-corruption fight and to raise the population’s
    At this
Dialogue, the Government of Vietnam again emphasised its political
determination for changes. Dialogue and discussion will continue between the
Government of Vietnam and its development partners as friends with a view to
meet the common ultimate goal of anti-corruption.

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