The Age Prevents Swedish Couple From Adoption

A couple from Gothenburg in Sweden is denied to adopt a 5-year-old girl from Thailand. The reason is the couple’s age of 52 and 58 years.
    The girl is closely familiar to the woman’s sister in law, who is Thai and the couple got to know the little girl during a two-week vacation in Thailand. They claim themselves that they have developed close ties to her and that they got to know each other very well.
    The city court was on the couple’s side and admitted adoption. However, the high court did not believe that the ties between the couple and the girl are so strong that it should waive the rule that the ages may be maximum 42 years if people want to adopt a child.
    “It feels terrible, and we are dismayed, “says the 52-year-old woman, and continue:
    “The girl is ill and has been in a difficult situation. There is no reason why we should not be able to take care of her. We already have a girl who is almost at the same age”.
    She says that her brother and his Thai wife have known the girl throughout her life, and that her biological parents want her and her husband to adopt their child.
    “We see it as an opportunity to give her a good life, “says the 52-year-old woman.
The couple will now appeal to the supreme court.

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