New Glass Mosaics In Place In The Seamen’s Church In Pattaya

With great
pleasure and gratitude to Dagfinn Misje, are three large beautiful Glass
Mosaics The three mosaics symbolizing The resurrection, The Easter Gospel and,
The Holy Communion finally in place in The Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Pattaya
in Thailand.

    The works of art can now be seen both from
out on the veranda and from within the lounge.

    It has taken some time to get the project

    Two employees at The Norwegian Seamen’s
Church have done a great and persistent work to get the plans for the three
mosaics made a reality, as beautiful as possible. Many negotiations have been
conducted with various artists, before the final draft was approved.

    All of which is part of church life is
enthusiastic about the result. Much praise has been delivered to the occasion.

    And the beautiful glass mosaics have given
the church a more church like appearance.

    Thanks to
the huge amount Dagfinn Misje granted for the purpose.




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