Great Thai Festival In Copenhagen

festival arranged by the Royal Thai Embassy, and several thousand people took the
opportunity to check up on Thailand
in the past, present and future. And not to forget, the festival was also used as a
tool to meet family and friends, and once again miss Thailand.
    The Thai
Festival was a celebration of 150th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between
the Kingdom of Denmark
and the Kingdom
of Thailand
. The embassy,
the Royal Thai Embassy in Copenhagen in
cooperation with Thai International Airways, Tourism Authority of Thailand,
Office of Commercial Affairs in Copenhagen, Thailand Board of Investment in Frankfurt,
Office of Agricultural Affairs in Brussels and
Thai-Danish Association jointly organized the cultural event Sunday 29th June
2008 at City Hall Square
in Copenhagen. 
organisers had put up to a presentation of the Thai culture and Thai society. Through
songs, dance and traditional Thai foods, and not least Singha Beer. The support
of the festival was overwhelming. Maybe too little space or too many people.  And the answer to all the support was long
waiting hours in too long queues.
    And as it happens in such situations, the audience was split into groups, they
came to learn, again, and enjoy, and they were impatient.
    And of course there were audiences who hoped that they would not have to wait 150 years before the next chance to meet, and experience a part of The Thai Kingdom, we
all love.

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