Nordic Semiconductor To Relocate Supply Chain Headquarters To The Philippines

Semiconductor in Trondheim Norway intents to set-up a regional supply chain
headquarters in Manila, the Philippines. This
will later be expanded to include a regional RF test-engineering group to
support local backend test development and subcontract partners in Asia.
    The move
will represent a wholesale relocation of Nordic’s supply chain headquarters
from Norway to Asia, and Nordic now seeks to recruit local backend
supply chain, production, and test engineering staff.
    The new
operation will be located within just a few miles of a Manila
facility of Nordic’s long-term test subcontractor, Amkor Technology, where
Nordic’s 2.4GHz ULP transceivers are tested on a base of permanently installed,
Nordic-owned test systems. Nordic will now have its entire manufacturing and supply
chain operations based in Asia, bar only a few legacy products being produced
in Europe.
however, everything else is to remain headquartered in Norway; including Nordic’s global sales and
marketing headquarters in Oslo, and its global
R&D and registered company headquarters in Trondheim.


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