Invitation To Join Thailand Elite

Elite, a subsidiary of Tourism Authority of Thailand. Specially designed for
friends of Thailand, the members can enjoy unprecedented access to benefits
including expedited immigration, privilege on Visa (life time and multiple
entry) and passport control, high-end health and leisure activities, business
connections and a whole range of dining, shopping, sports and vacation
packages. More information as in and in attached file.
membership fee is now 1,500,000 Baht. It is a life time membership program
without annual fee.    
    The core
privileges of Thailand Elite.


2 Comments on “Invitation To Join Thailand Elite”

  1. It’s an interesting comment, Michelle. Would you give some references in the web? I was thinking about buying this membership, but now I am not sure about it.

  2. The information is outdated. The new cost is 2 million baht, and you have to pay a monthly membership fee. Do not join as it is not worth it. Many old members have their membership discontinue because Thailand Elite change policies to cut down on the number of members. Many lawsuits against Thailand Elite.

    Thailand Elite program is in debt of hundreds of million dollars. Change policy frequently, false VISA promise too! Read online.

    Yes Thai government has no shame in lying, so be careful.

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