Bike For Peace Launch Doubletrip To Thailand And Vietnam

Tore Naerland and his friends from the Bike For Peace organisation will now push
their pedals harder than ever before to get trough with the group’s biggest
event, a double tour of travel in both Thailand
and Vietnam.

    18 days
from October 10 – for October 27 to 2,008.
    As usually when Tore is involved the trip is also a tool to put on focus and
help needy children. Bike For Peace will visit a foster home
) for children and young people in the north-western
part of Thailand
– namely in May Said.
    The place shelters just a few of more than 2 million Burmese refugees who are
in Thailand.
Bike For Peace vice president Ivar Wigaard has started a collection of money to
the institution. Several times, there has lacked money for food, so the residents
them self’s have had to catch fish and eat wild plants to survive.
    Participants on the trip will of course visit the home. Furthermore there will be
arranged meetings with spokespersons from the Burmese exile government in Thailand.
    From Thailand the bikers front wheels will point to Hue in Vietnam, where the
tour include the Hay Van mountain and the culture the city of Hoi An will be a
great experience.
    Bike For Peace will also pay a proved to My Lai, the village where more than
500 people were killed by U.S.
soldiers in 1968.
    The daily bicycle stages will be in the range of 50 km. to 100 km. Most
participants are from Norway
and are between 25 and 80 years.
    More information:

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