A Peaceful World Is Our Dream

The Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla said a peaceful world has come up as a dream and should be achived for all of peoples.
He made the remark in his speech on the occasion of handing over the Felix Houphouet-Boigny peace appreciation to former Finnish President Matti Ahtisaari by UNESCO here on Thursday.
Martti received the appreciation for his efforts to push the creation of peace in Namibia and Aceh. “Peace is the basic right of human beings in the world,” Kalla said.
At present, millions of people are living in fear and oppression just because of conflict. Millions of children become orphans in conflicts.
“Therefore such joint spirit to settle conflicts is badly needed. For that purpose, we need wise leaders who have high capabaility to solve conflicts peacefully. It could be all on former Finnish President Marttti Ahtisaari,” Kalla said.
Indonesia would never forget the role played by Martti as a peace mediator in the Aceh conflict which had lasted for 30 years, he said.


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